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!standard D.10(4)          09-10-22 AI05-0168-1/01
!standard D.10(10)
!class Amendment 09-10-22
!status work item 09-10-22
!status received 09-10-22
!priority Medium
!difficulty Easy
!subject Extended suspension objects
Ada 2005 includes EDF scheduling and the routine Delay_Until_ and_Set_Deadline. Similar functionality is proposed to be used with synchronous task control.
In the definition of EDF scheduling it was recognised as necessary to define a procedure that would allow a task to delay until a specified time but then become runnable with a different absolute deadline. Sporadic tasks that use suspension objects to control dispatching do not have this facility.
Add a child package to the current Synchronous Task Control package:
with Ada.Real_Time; package Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control.EDF is
procedure Suspend_Until_True_And_Set_Deadline (S : in out Suspension_Object; TS : in Ada.Real_Time.Time_Span);
end Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control.EDF;
At the point a task becomes runnable again following a call of Suspend_Until_True_And_Set_Deadline it is assigned an absolute deadline of Ada.Real_Time.Clock + TS.
** TBD **
This AI was raised by an industrial user of 'low level' scheduling, and was discussed and endorses by the 14th IRTAW. Details are contained in the workshop paper: Providing Additional Real-Time Capability and Flexibility for Ada 2005, by Rod White.
There is an issue as to what value the deadline should be set if the object is already True at the time of the call of Suspend_Until_True_And_Set_Deadline. Although there is an argument that the new deadline should relate to the time the object was set True, this was deemed to add too much overhead to a 'light weight' mechanism. A more flexible protocol can always be programmed using protected objects.
** TBD **
--!corrigendum D.10(4)
!ACATS test
Add an ACATS C-Test of this package.

From: Tucker Taft
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2009  7:50 AM

For what it's worth, the SofCheck Ada RTS already has a
Suspend_Until_True_Or_Timeout operation on its internal version of
suspension objects, so providing that to the user version is pretty

I'll admit I can't quite imagine what it means to "change the deadline"
on a suspension object, so I can't comment on the implementability of that.


From: Alan Burns
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2009  8:11 AM

With EDF you wont a task to run under the influence of one deadline until
suspended, but when you are woken up have another (later deadline) apply.


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