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!standard 8.4(4)          09-04-22 AI05-0150-1/01
!standard 8.4(8/2)
!class Amendment 09-04-22
!status work item 09-04-22
!status received 09-04-22
!priority Medium
!difficulty Medium
!subject Use all type clause
Add "use all type" to provide a more powerful form of use_type_clause.
There have been complaints that a use type clause does not make enough things visible (e.g. enumeration literals, classwide operations for tagged types), whereas a use_package_clause makes too much visible. Something in between is wanted.
Provide a more powerful form of use_type_clause, specified by including the reserved word "all", as in
use all T;
This new form extends the set of declarations whose visibility is modified by a use type clause to include primitive operators of the type and (if the type is tagged) subprograms that operate on T'Class.
Modify 8.4(4) to add optional "all" reserved word syntax:
use_type_clause ::= use [all] type subtype_mark {, subtype_mark};
Add to the end of 8.4(8/2):
If a use_type_clause includes the reserved word "all", then the following additional declarations are also made potentially use-visible in the same way as is done for the primitive operators of T:
- The visible primitive subprograms of T; - If T is a tagged type declared immediately within a
package_specification, then any visible subprograms that are declared immediately within the same package_specification and operate on T'Class.
package P is type Enum is (Aa, Bb, Cc); type T is tagged null record; procedure Proc (X : T'Class; Y : Enum); end P;
with P; package Q is subtype T_Sub is P.T; subtype E_Sub is P.Enum; end Q;
with Q; procedure R is use all type Q.T_Sub; use all type Q.E_Sub; Z : P.T; begin Proc (X => Z, Y => Bb); end R;
--!corrigendum 8.4(4) --!corrigendum 8.4(8/2)
!ACATS test
Add ACATS tests for this new feature.

This AI was split from AI05-0135-1; there is a small amount of discussion
on this idea in the volumous e-mail in that AI (mostly at the start).


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