CVS difference for ai05s/ai05-0144-2.txt

Differences between 1.14 and version 1.15
Log of other versions for file ai05s/ai05-0144-2.txt

--- ai05s/ai05-0144-2.txt	2010/11/13 06:56:45	1.14
+++ ai05s/ai05-0144-2.txt	2011/11/01 05:32:52	1.15
@@ -563,7 +563,7 @@
 @xbullet<One of the two @fa<name>s statically denotes a renaming declaration
 whose renamed @i<object_>@fa<name> is known to refer to the same object
-as the other name.>
+as the other @fa<name>.>
 If a call @i<C> has two or more parameters of mode @b<in out> or @b<out> that

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