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--- ai05s/ai05-0111-3.txt	2012/01/27 23:23:10	1.20
+++ ai05s/ai05-0111-3.txt	2013/10/24 02:20:30	1.21
@@ -1232,10 +1232,26 @@
-Some new ASIS routine needs to be added to handle the subpool syntax for
+Add to the expression routines:
-Details TBD. ***
+16.xx function Allocator_Subpool_Specification
+function Allocator_Subpool_Specification (Expression : in Asis.Expression)
+                                          return Asis.Expression;
+Expression specifies the allocator expression to query.
+Returns the subpool specification for the object being allocated, and Null_Element
+if there is no subpool specification.
+Expression expects an element that has the following Appropriate Expression_Kinds: 
+    An_Allocation_From_Subtype
+    An_Allocation_From_Qualified_Expression
+Raises ASIS_Inappropriate_Element with a Status of Value_Error for any element that
+does not have one of these expected kinds.
+Returns an element that has the following Element_Kinds:
+    An_Expression

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