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Differences between 1.1 and version 1.2
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--- ai05s/ai05-0105-1.txt	2008/06/16 05:03:17	1.1
+++ ai05s/ai05-0105-1.txt	2008/07/04 02:31:11	1.2
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
-!standard 8.5.1(3/2)                                   08-06-15  AI05-0105-1/01
+!standard 8.5.1(3/2)                                   08-07-03  AI05-0105-1/02
 !class confirmation 08-06-15
+!status ARG Approved  7-0-1  08-06-21
 !status work item 08-06-15
 !status received 08-05-16
 !priority Low
@@ -33,7 +34,7 @@
-Such a rename can be used to select an anonynous access returning function
+Such a rename can be used to select an anonymous access returning function
 from a named one. Since qualification is not available for anonymous types,
 it's not clear how else this could be accomplished.
@@ -43,7 +44,9 @@
 !ACATS Test
 An ACATS C-Test should be created to test the idiom of renaming to select
-a function. [Or is this too unusual? - ED.]
+a function. It is suggested that the test try two functions returning record
+types with similarly named components that differ just by named versus anonymous

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