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--- ai05s/ai05-0095-1.txt	2008/07/12 01:48:40	1.3
+++ ai05s/ai05-0095-1.txt	2008/12/02 06:01:19	1.4
@@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
-!standard 13.3(11/1)                                     08-07-11  AI05-0095-1/02
+!standard 13.3(11/1)                                     08-11-19  AI05-0095-1/03
 !standard 13.3(13/1)
 !class binding interpretation 08-05-21
+!status Amendment 201Z 08-11-26
+!status ARG Approved  8-0-1  08-10-31
 !status work item 08-05-21
 !status received 06-03-24
 !priority Low
@@ -97,7 +99,7 @@
 However, because of generics, it's not possible to tell in general at
-compile-time what the convention of the prefix it. For instance:
+compile-time what the convention of the prefix is. For instance:
 with System;
@@ -112,8 +114,17 @@
 Since there is no valid address if the prefix is an intrinsic subprogram,
 we require raising Program_Error.
+!corrigendum 13.3(11/1)
---!corrigendum 13.3(11/1)
+@xindent<Denotes the address of the first of the storage elements allocated to X.
+For a program unit or label, this value refers to the machine code associated
+with the corresponding body or @fa<statement>. The value of this attribute is
+of type System.Address.>
+@xindent<The prefix of X'Address shall not statically denote a subprogram that has
+convention Intrinsic. X'Address raises Program_Error if X denotes a
+subprogram that has convention Intrinsic.>
 !ACATS Test

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