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--- ai05s/ai05-0005-1.txt	2008/01/17 07:24:41	1.15
+++ ai05s/ai05-0005-1.txt	2008/05/10 05:14:33	1.16
@@ -1348,7 +1348,7 @@
 From: John Barnes
-Sent: Friday, December 28, 12:10 PM
+Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007  12:10 PM
 It's like it in Annex P as well.
@@ -1358,7 +1358,53 @@
-Editor's note (January 7, 2008): All of the items above this
+From: Tucker Taft
+Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008   3:29 PM
+In an AARM annotation (13.13.1(9.b/2), we indicate that
+it is unwise to use Stream_Element_Offset'First
+as the low bound for the Item passed to
+a stream Read procedure, because you will
+get a Constraint_Error if the stream is empty.
+We then go on to say that a better choice of
+lower bound is 1.  But earlier we indicate that
+either 0 or 1 makes sense, and this last bit of
+advice will probably make the reader think that
+Stream_Element_Offset'First = 0, when in fact
+it is probably -Stream_Element_Offset'Last-1.
+Here is my suggested minor presentation fix:
+   This implies that the Stream_Element_Array passed
+   to these subprograms should not have a lower bound
+   of Stream_Element_Offset'First, because then a read
+   of 0 elements would always raise Constraint_Error.
+   A better choice of lower bound is {0 or} 1.
+I am suggesting this fix because I read the original
+wording several times, and then stared at the
+Streams package, and had to work hard to assure
+myself that Stream_Element_Offset'First was not
+zero.  If it had said "0 or 1" to begin with,
+I would have understood it immediately.
+From: Adam Beneschan
+Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008  12:37 PM
+The term "mentioned" has a specific definition in 10.2.1(6), but it is
+not in the correct place in index at:
+It looks like it's supposed to be there but somehow got stuck under T: 
+  Term=[mentioned],Sec=[in a with_clause]   10.1.2(6/2)
+Editor's note (April 28, 2008): All of the items above this
 marker have been included in the working version of the AARM.

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