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!standard A.5.5(0)          20-09-03 AC95-00330/00
!standard A.5.6(0)
!standard A.5.7(0)
!class Amendment 20-09-03
!status received no action 20-09-03
!status received 20-06-09
!subject Prefix Big_ is incorrect

!topic Prefix Big_ in Big_Numbers, Big_Integers, and Big_Reals is incorrect
!reference ARM 2X A.5.5-A.5.7
!from Jeffrey R. Carter 2020-06-09
The prefix Big_ is incorrect. Consider

I : Big_Integer := 1;
R : Big_Real    := 1.0;

These are not big, either in terms of mathematical magnitude, nor in terms of 
the amount of storage used.

A better name would use Unbounded_, as is already used for unbounded queues.


From: Christoph Grein
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2020  4:02 AM

I'm fine with the name Big_. It's intuitive enough. And it's short.

If we use these packages, I think it will be because we will need numbers 
beyond the r.ange of machine numbers, i.e. truly big ones. This does of course 
not exclude small numbers from being used.

(Rant: I guess this is unimportant enough to evoke a plethora of posts with 
lots of opinions ;-)


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