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!standard B.1(14.1/4)          17-09-05 AC95-00293/00
!class Amendment 17-09-05
!status received no action 17-09-05
!status received 17-08-08
!subject Need a way to convert a constant to a variable

!topic Convention=>C for enumeration types
!reference Ada 2012 RM
!from Victor Porton 17-08-08
!keywords enumeration type, C interface, representation

It should be explicitly stated that enumeration types can have
Convention=>C aspect and in this case the representation of an Ada
enumeration type shall be the same as representation of the
corresponding C enumeration type.


From: Randy Brukardt
Sent: Tuesday, August 8, 2017  4:29 PM

Somebody asked about this in 2014. Some guy named "Victor Porton" in fact.
That comment was processed, solved, and approved in 2015 (see AI12-0135-1),
and it was part of the 2016 Corrigendum. So this is already true in Ada 2012
as corrected.

You can see that enumeration types can be given conventions if you look at
section B.1 in the consolidated RM (specifically,
Whether your favorite compiler supports that is another matter altogether, if
not, you need to complain to them.

P.S. Repeating the exact same comment is not helpful, as we have to file every
comment made here whether or not it it is redundant.


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