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!standard 3.2.4(14.3/4)          16-03-22 AC95-00275/00
!standard 3.2.4(44/4)
!standard 11.3(2.1/4)
!class confirmation 16-03-22
!status received no action 16-03-22
!status received 16-02-27
!subject Predicate_Failure - expected type is String

!topic Predicate_Failure - expected type is String
!reference Ada 2012 RM3.2.4(14.3/4), (44/4); 11.3(2.1/4)
!from Christoph Grein 16-02-17

With the introduction of the raise_expression, the expected type of
Predicate_Failure can no longer be pure String. The examples show this.
Should this be corrected?


From: Randy Brukardt
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2016  2:27 PM

Raise expressions predated Predicate_Failure by more than a year. We had them
in mind from the beginning; the use of type String for Predicate_Failure was
invented after the fact (originally, Predicate_Failure could only take a raise
expression, but we had issues describing the expected type). So far as I'm
aware, there is no problem with writing:
    Predicate_Failure => (raise Constraint_Error with Even'Image &
                                                         " - value not even");
After all, a raise expression matches any type.
So what problem are you concerned about???


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