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!standard 1.1          14-06-19 AC95-00261/00
!class Amendment 13-06-19
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!subject State of Ada 2005 Conformity Assessment?

From: Snodgrass, Britt
Sent: Thursday, May 8, 2014  1:45 PM

The page doesn't look like its been updated for
a long time and it contains the following statement:

   "The Ada Conforming Processors List includes all Ada 95 implementations that
   have been formally certified using the ACATS. (Note: Ada 2005 processors can
   be formally certified, and would appear in this listing, but as of this
   writing none have been certified.) "

What is the current, real-world, state of Ada 2005 compiler certification? I
know that at least three vendors (AdaCore, Atego, ICC) claim full or partial Ada
2005 support. Do any besides AdaCore provide an "ACATS Internal Validation
Certificate"? Is there a list or other updated info that could be placed on the
Ada-Auth and/or AdaIC web sites?


From: Randy Brukardt
Sent: Thursday, May 8, 2014  3:32 PM

(1) This is the wrong place to ask this question. This list is specifically for
questions/comments/requests about the Ada Standard (and thus directly about the
Ada language). Ada conformity assessment is a wholly separate topic with it's
own set of mailing lists, governance, and even standards. (Yes, I'm in charge of
both. But the work is billed separately to different organizations; mixing them
like this is a practical problem [how do I bill for this answer??]).

Moreover, every mail message that's posted here is tracked and turned into an AI
or AC. This has a non-zero cost, and it's specifically designed for maintenance
of the Ada Standard, not the ACAA or nor 18009 (the conformity assessment
standard). We could treat this question as spam, but I really don't want to get
into that sort of censorship for anything even remotely on topic.

Probably the most useful place to ask questions like this is on the ACAA mailing
list ( which is a public mailing list managed just like this
one (using the same program!). It's specifically for announcements and
discussion of the ACAA (Ada Conformity Assessment Authority) and the ACATS (Ada
Conformity Assessment Test Suite). You can join it the same way (sending "join
acaa" to that you joined this list.

(2) A proper answer to your question requires exploring the differences between
formal and informal conformity assessment, and the role that customers have to
play in conformity assessment. But the really short answer is "no" to all of
your questions. And the short reason is that customers are not demanding
conformity assessment; therefore none is done. The only reason that the concept
still exists is that vendors find it very useful *informally*. It is a struggle
to fund any work on the ACATS as the entire system is set up to use the fees for
formal conformity assessment to fund the maintenance and improvement of the
ACATS. Lacking such fees, the money has to come out of the general funds of the
ARA, and that is a very limited pot. (Message #1: if you care at all about
conformity assessment, join the ARA!)

Anyway, if you want a detailed answer, ask on the ACAA list and I'll give it
there where a discussion will not cost any ARG effort.


From: Snodgrass, Britt
Sent: Thursday, May 8, 2014  4:04 PM

I apologize for asking here; I was unaware of the separate ACAA mailing list.
Thank you for your answers. I will follow up on the ACAA list if necessary.


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