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!standard 1(1)          12-05-11 AC95-00234/00
!class confirmation 12-05-11
!status received no action 12-05-11
!status received 12-03-22
!subject Thank you

From: Gautier de Montmollin
Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2012  5:16 AM

Just had a thought about the huge effort about making the Standard evolve and
maintaining a high quality. Most of the time the technicalities are beyond my
capabilities, but it is always interesting to see that every aspect is
discussed. Sometimes, instead of having to speak about issues (or mental
breakdowns ;-) ), it is good to appreciate the effort.

For instance, simple "Ada 83-level" additions or improvements are great, like
the Ada.Text_IO.Get_Line function, which elegantly solves the issue of having to
use the Ada.Text_IO.Get_Line procedure with a fixed, potentially too short size,
while avoiding to resort to Unbounded_String's (*).

Was it added in then 2005 standard ?
Anyway, thank you!

(*) an occurence of the change to the function here:


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