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!standard E.4.2(2)          12-01-21 AC95-00225/00
!class confirmation 12-01-21
!status received no action 12-01-21
!status received 11-10-01
!subject Dated example for Annex E

!topic Dated example for Annex E
!reference Ada 2005 RM E.4.2 (2)
!from /Brad Moore 11-10-01/
!keywords Remote Subprograms Distributed Annex !discussion

This example is getting a bit dated. To
what extent are magnetic tapes being used today?
It would be good to see the example updated to reflect a more modern usage such
as a web server, or search engine, or some sort of cloud computing. It's not
clear in this example, that each tape could be from a different partition. A web
example would be much easier to visualize.


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