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!standard A.16(69/2)          12-01-21 AC95-00224/00
!class Amendment 12-01-21
!status received no action 12-01-21
!status received 11-10-01
!subject Ada Directories is unable to copy a directory tree

!topic IO Ada Directories is unable to copy a directory tree
!reference Ada 2005 RM A.16 (69/2)
!from /Brad Moore 11-10-01/
!keywords Directory Copy

Ada.Directories.Copy_File provides a means to copy a file, however there is no
such provision for copying a directory tree, yet this is a common activity for a
filesystem. Windows provides an API call to do this,
copyDirectory(sourceDirectory, targetDirectory), whereas Linux requires a
procedural approach. It would be helpful if Ada provided a portable subprogram
to do this. Perhaps, Ada.Directories.Copy_Directory?


From: Randy Brukardt
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2012  11:11 PM

The "Windows API" that Brad refers to is only defined for Visual Basic. It is
not available in Visual C++, Win32, or even .NET. As such, it does not appear
that Microsoft thinks this is an important need.

Given that no widely-used OS provides such an API, and that the need is rare
for a program (I've never needed to copy a directory in a program), it's
hard to imagine precisely why we should be requiring Ada implementers to
create this functionality.


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