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!standard G.3.1(78/3)          11-01-28 AC95-00211/01
!standard G.3.2(146/3)
!class confirmation 11-01-28
!status received no action 11-01-28
!status received 10-08-31
!subject Ranges of the Vectors output of Eigensystem

!topic Ranges of the Vectors output of Eigensystem
!reference Ada 2005 RM G.3.1(78/3), G.3.2(146/3)
!from Simon Wright 10-08-31

It's not clear why the output parameter Vectors has ranges (A'Range (1), A'Range
(2)). It should be (A'Range (1), A'Range (1)).

Looking at the RM wording "The out parameter Vectors is a matrix whose columns
are the eigenvectors of the matrix A. The order of the columns corresponds to
the order of the eigenvalues.", one would expect that the eigenvector for Values
(J) would be column J of Vectors, whereas in fact it's column (J - Values'First
+ Vectors'First (2)).

Of course, in many uses the range(s) concerned will be 1 .. N so no one will
notice the difference.


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