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--- acs/ac-00211.txt	2011/01/29 03:42:56	1.1
+++ acs/ac-00211.txt	2011/04/02 07:30:08	1.2
@@ -26,3 +26,21 @@
 notice the difference.
+Summary of private mail on this topic:
+Randy Brukardt:
+The following was on Ada-Comment a while back. I don't know enough to make
+an intelligent decision on whether this ought to be fixed, ignored, or
+somewhere in between. It strikes me that his suggestion would be an
+inconsistency (a runtime incompatibility - the worst kind), so there would
+have to be substantial reason to change it.
+John Barnes:
+Pascal and I discussed this years ago. Perhaps the mistake was to allow A to
+have ranges other than 1 .. N in the first place. As you say, changing it now
+would be an incompatibility of the worst kind. Leave it alone.

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