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!standard 3.6.3(4/2)          10-10-21 AC95-00198/01
!class confirmation 10-10-21
!status received no action 10-10-21
!status received 10-03-26
!subject String is packed

!topic type String
!reference Ada 2005 RM 3.6.3(4/2), A.1(37)
!from Grein 2010-04-23

RM A.1(37) has pragma Packed (String). This is missing at RM 3.6.3(4/2), where
type String is defined. This unfortunate omission has to be corrected.


Editor's note: This has been true in every version of Ada I can find (and I
looked at Ada 83 and even Ada 80). So this cannot be very important to anyone,
since this is the first time that anyone has complained (30+ years later).
Moreover, Pack has no visible semantic effect for clients (the Packing aspect
can't be queried). Thus we conclude this isn't worth the effect to change.


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