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!standard B.5          06-11-06 AC95-00135/01
!class Amendment 06-11-06
!status received no action 06-11-06
!status received 06-07-05
!subject Update to language interfaces annex sections?

From: Ben Brosgol
Date: Wednesday, July 5, 2006  8:48 AM

I recently met Dan Nagle, the chair of J3 (the U.S. Fortran standards
committee / T.A.G. to ISO WG5).  He commented that, subsequent to the
publication of Ada 95, a new version of Fortran (Fortran 2003) was
standardized, and that it would be good if the Interfaces.Fortran
section could be updated to take into account the new Fortran features.
  It is of course too late to do this for Ada 2005, but his comment
raises a couple of issues.

First, as a general policy on the maintenance of the language interfaces
sections, should we attempt to track the relevant standards (C, Fortran,
COBOL) and amend the Annex B sections as needed?

Second, since Dan has specifically asked about Fortran, is anyone
interested in analyzing the issues involved with bringing the Fortran
interface section into synch with Fortran 2003?  He indicated to me that
he could probably arrange to be appointed as liaison from J3 to WG9.



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