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--- acs/ac-00121.txt	2005/10/31 05:15:49	1.1
+++ acs/ac-00121.txt	2006/03/18 06:10:23	1.2
@@ -1,37 +1,14 @@
-!standard  3.5(13)                                   05-10-24    AC95-00121/01
+!standard  3.5(13)                                   06-03-17    AC95-00121/02
 !class Amendment 05-10-24
+!status deleted 06-03-17
 !status received no action 05-10-24
 !status received 05-10-02
-!subject Nominal subtypes for all names
+!subject (deleted)
-From: Tucker Taft
-Date: Sunday, October  2, 2005  8:08 PM
+This was promoted to AI05-0006-1.
-I bumped into an interesting situation recently,
-     case S'Last is
-       when 0 =>  -- error: choice shall cover only values of
-                  --        the nominal subtype
-         ...
-Our compiler had decided the nominal subtype of S'Last
-was S, and zero wasn't a value of the subtype S.
-But there isn't any definition of what is the
-nominal subtype of attributes.  If S turns out to
-be a null subtype, then clearly neither S'Last nor
-S'First will be a value of subtype S.  So I came to
-the conclusion that the nominal subtype of an
-attribute like S'Last or S'First would be S'Base.
-But it really ought to say that somewhere.  Similar
-questions arise for enumeration literals and other
-things that happen to be "Name"s but for which there
-is no defined nominal subtype.
-Any thoughts?

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