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+From: Robert C. Leif
+Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2004  12:20 AM
+A long time ago, Bill Whitaker gave a paper, I believe at a SIGAda meeting
+in Fort Lauderdale, on an Ada version of SQL. There also was a different
+project that created an Ada binding to SQL, which involved use of both
+Please see, XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Formal Semantics
+W3C Working Draft 20 February 2004
+I suspect that XQuery will become ubiquitous and that Ada could interface to
+the databases and documents through XQuery. Since there is a XML schema in
+the XQuery document, Ada data-types that are semantically identical to the
+XQuery ones should be possible.
+From: Marius Amado Alves
+Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2004  7:11 PM
+[XQuery et al. by Robert Leif]
+This just made me realise how XML can be a step forward in the adoption of
+the network data model (but see Aside 1). So that's additional ammunition to
+consider the network model as a basis. However XML seems powerfull enough a
+movement to create their own Ada standards, independently from any other
+database-oriented effort.
+Aside 1. Unfortunately in my opinion XML and it's zillion standards can be
+also two steps backward in data manipulation, technically. And, even keeping
+with XML, NG RELAX seems a valuable alternative to XQuery et al.
+Aside 2. I should perhaps clarify the my definition of "network model" is
+not in line with CODASYL, perhaps the only widely known one. My definition
+is more pure. Untyped graphs as a basis, plus conventions to represent
+complex structures (including typed graphs) in it. In one word, Mneson.
+Incidently, I've just finished the convention for XML objects, and a tool to
+convert a valid XML object to Mntext. I'll update the Mneson site soon with
+this stuff.
+From: Robert C. Leif
+Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2004  11:43 AM
+"NG RELAX seems a valuable alternative to XQuery et al." No!
+NG RELAX is an alternative schema model, whose use should be actively
+discouraged. I believe that we should stay with standard XML schema. This is
+one case where the World Wide Web Consortium can learn from Ada about
+creation of standards in a coordinated manor. NG RELAX seems to be favored
+by Sun and IBM people. In this case Microsoft is totally correct in
+specifying XML schema. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not implemented Office
+using the XML FO and SVG standards. If the European Economic Union were
+smart, it would fund a pan European development of a European alternative to
+Office based on XML standards. Presently and in the past, Microsoft has had
+the extreme good fortune of having technologically incompetent competitors.
+If there is to be any further discussion on this subject, it should probably
+be moved to comp.lang.ada.

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