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!standard 1.1.1(01)          03-11-19 AC95-00082/01
!class amendment 03-11-19
!status received no action 03-11-19
!status received 03-11-19
!subject Increase uniformity of implementations

From: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003

At the recent ARG meeting, we decided to give up on the action item directed
at increasing the uniformity of implementations.

Some of the ideas were:

	Array indexed by holey enumeration
	Storage_IO of tagged types
	Static elaboration
	GNAT attributes and pragmas

Discard_Names was discussed in AI-00314, but no consensus was reached between
the positions, and it was discarded (er, voted No Action).

Array indexed by holey enumerations was discussed via e-mail (see AC-00048),
and the conclusion was that all compilers currently do the same thing; doing
the other thing is very hard in Ada 95, so it would just be work to standardize
this without any change or benefit whatsover.

At the ARG meeting in Marlboro (meeting 9), many GNAT pragmas and attributes
were suggested for standardization and discussed. Others have been proposed
since. There seems no need to repeat this work.

The feeling was that most of these other issues would probably end up with
one of these results, so there is no reason to pursue these further.


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