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!standard 4.05.02(32.1/1)          03-09-12 AC95-00076/01
!class confirmation 03-09-12
!status received no action 03-09-12
!status received 03-09-05
!subject Is there a requirement that equality must compose for "predefined types"?

From: Christoph Grein
Sent: Friday, September 5, 2003  12:33 AM

Sorry for the question, but I'm not able to find a statement in the
Consolidated AARM about Ada predefined types' equality, but I'm sure there is
somewhere a statement that those types must be implemented such that equality

Thanx for any hint.


From: Pascal Leroy
Sent: Friday, September 5, 2003  3:19 AM

4.5.2(32.1/1): "For all nonlimited types declared in language-defined
packages, the "=" and "/=" operators of the type shall behave as if they
were the predefined equality operators for the purposes of the equality
of composite types and generic formal types."


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