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!standard 8.2(02)          03-07-31 AC95-00066/01
!class amendment 03-07-31
!status received no action 03-07-31
!status received 03-01-17
!subject Instantiating generic with same name

!topic instantiating generic with same name
!reference RM95-8.2(2), AARM 8.2(12.b), AC95-00020/01
!from Dan Eilers 03-01-17

I propose allowing cases #2 and #3 below,
consistent with case #1 which is already allowed.

   generic procedure p1;
   generic package p2 is end p2;

   package p3 is
      generic package p4 is end p4;
   end p3;

   with p1, p2, p3;
   package P is
      procedure p1 is new p1;      -- case #1
      package   p2 is new p2;      -- case #2
      package   p3 is new p3.p4;   -- case #3


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