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!standard 4.4          02-05-24 AC95-00036/01
!class amendment 02-05-24
!status received no action 02-06-07
!subject Additional grouping characters

From: Robin Reagan
Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002  9:01 AM

Another proposal I have is to allow other grouping character pairs where
the parernthasies are currently used.


My_Procedure( My_Array{ My_Index_Type[ I ] } );

This would allow more flexibility and readability in expressions where
multiple levels of parernthasies are currently used. A project would be
able to set some standards on how each should be used ( use curly braces
for array index, square brackets for type conversion etc... ).

Each or the grouping characters would be required to have its matching
character as its closing character.


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