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--- acs/ac-00031.txt	2002/04/26 20:15:16	1.1
+++ acs/ac-00031.txt	2002/04/30 21:42:06	1.2
@@ -226,4 +226,25 @@
+From: Robert A. Duff
+Sent: Friday, April 26, 2002  7:50 PM
+> Interestingly this is not worded as if-and-only-if. Is that always implied?
+> If so, by what rule?
+1.1.4(14.b) says:
+    14.b  We often use ``if'' to mean ``if and only if'' in definitions. For
+          example, if we define ``photogenic'' by saying, ``A type is
+          photogenic if it has the following properties...,'' we mean that a
+          type is photogenic if and only if it has those properties. It is
+          usually clear from the context, and adding the ``and only if'' seems
+          too cumbersome.
+Of course, this is not part of the official Standard, and even if it
+were, it seems to leave it up to one's imagination whether "if" means
+"if" or "if and only if".  ;-)

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