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!standard 6.01(20)          02-02-19 AC95-00029/01
!standard 2.08(17)
!standard 2.08(18)
!class amendment 02-01-28
!status received no action 02-02-19
!subject Subprogram declaration completed by pragma

!topic Subprogram declaration completed by pragma
!reference RM95-6.1(20),2.8(17-18); AARM B.1
!from Adam Beneschan 01-28-02

RM 6.1(20) says: "A subprogram_declaration or a
generic_subprogram_declaration requires a completion: a body, a
renaming_declaration (see 8.5), or a pragma Import (see B.1)."  Is
this list intended to be exhaustive, or are implementation-defined
pragmas allowed as completions?  The language in RM 2.8(17-18) says
that an implementation can define pragmas that complete declarations
in the same manner as pragma Import; and in the AARM, the "Extensions
to Ada 83" section of B.1 states that "implementations can continue to
support pragma Interface for upward compatibility."  Does the language
in 6.1(20) imply that Interface and other such implementation-defined
pragmas may be used only for (say) objects, not for subprograms?


From: Robert Duff
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002  6:28 PM

Implementation-defined pragmas can have any semantics defined by the
implementation.  They can violate any RM rules the implementer likes.


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