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!standard 4.5(09)          02-01-23 AC95-00024/01
!standard 4.5.1(2)
!class confirmation 02-01-15
!status received no action 02-01-15
!subject Visibility of predefined modular boolean operators

!topic visibility of predefined modular boolean operators
!reference RM95-4.5.1(2), RM95-4.5(9)
!from Dan Eilers 02-01-15
!keywords modular

with interfaces;
package pak2 is
   x1: constant interfaces.Unsigned_32 := 0 or 1;  -- legal?
end pak2;

My reading of RM95-4.5(9) is that the predefined boolean operators,
such as "or", are not visible (without a use clause), making this
code illegal.  But GNAT allows this, and Florist-3.13p uses it,
so maybe there should be an ACATS test.


From: Tucker Taft
Semt: Tuesday, January 15, 2002  5:29 PM
I agree this is illegal, and at least some version of GNAT
has a bug in this area.


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