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--- acs/ac-00012.txt	2001/09/21 04:07:45	1.1
+++ acs/ac-00012.txt	2001/09/22 01:18:06	1.2
@@ -201,3 +201,31 @@
+From: Tucker Taft
+Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001  7:47 AM
+Well, I certainly expected that all "initialization" contexts
+would require initialize-in-place for controlled subcomponents.
+We should look at the wording carefully to see if this loophole
+exists, and figure out whether it is worth fixing.
+From: Randy Brukardt
+Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 12:13 PM
+It certainly exists: 7.6(17.1/1) says "aggregate of a controlled type". It
+would have to say something like "aggregate with any controlled parts" to cover
+subcomponents. That "fix" is easy enough.
+However, this is a significant change to the rule. It would have a substantial
+impact on implementors, as it would extend the cost to all aggregates, not just
+to extension aggregates. (The fact that the rule only applies to extension
+aggregates is mentioned several times in the AI.) Moreover, it would do so to
+fix a rather unlikely case. And this rule was rather controversial in the first
+place, I would expect a large extension to be more so.
+Is there enough interest in changing this rule to open an AI??

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