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 ACATS Test Modification List
-Version 2.2H
-January 10, 2000
+Version 2.2J
+March 6, 2000
+Note: There is no 2.2I list ('I' looks too much like '1'). This list replaces
 Changes from the last list:
-As we've passed the start of another  quarter, several tests have been moved to
-the New category, meaning that they now are required for conformity assessment.
-These are: C455001, and B455002. Many tests have also moved from the Allowed
-Modification to Modified category.
+Test CXB3015 was modified to eliminate a dubious construct, an array of dynamic
+arrays. As the test is testing C interface constructs, and C does not have an
+analog to an array of dynamic arrays, this is testing beyond the bounds of the
+Test LXD7001 was modified to correct the tasks so that all of the tasks are
+activated after their task bodies have elaborated. The test code is not intended
+to execute, but if it does (because a compiler failed to enforce the
+restrictions), it immediately raises Tasking_Error (before displaying any
+messages). This could cause the failure of the test to be overlooked. The
+modification allows it to run and print failed, as intended by the test author.
 Tests modified before October 1, 1999 are now required.
@@ -21,7 +31,8 @@
 tests added to the ACATS before July 1, 1999 are now required for conformity
 assessments. The effective dates of tests are marked in the lists.
-Questions about this document? Contact the ACAA Technical Agent at
+Questions about this document? Contact the ACAA Technical Agent at
 List explanation:
@@ -360,6 +371,10 @@
 CXB3013 [Modified] VCS Label: A2_2A
 	The Strdup function @f1-95 is not ANSI standard.
+CXB3015 [Allowed Modification]  VCS Label: A2_2J
+			Required after 2000-07-01
+	Modified the component of Array_of_Arrays to have static bounds.
 IMPDEF  [Modified] VCS Label: A2_2E
 	Two additional external names were added. Comments on
 	Non_State_String were corrected.
@@ -413,6 +428,11 @@
 	The Not_Applicable check for a multi-processor is missing.
 	    (VCS Label A2_2A)
+LXD7001 [Allowed Modification] New VCS Label: A2_2J
+			Required after 2000-07-01 Org VCS Label: A2_2
+	Revised file LXD70011 to insure that tasks activate after
+	elaboration of their bodies.
 ==== Annex E ====
 CXE2002 [Pending New] VCS Label: A2_2E
@@ -504,7 +524,7 @@
 but note that this URL may change slightly in the future.
 The complete set of official new and modified tests are available in the
-Mod_2_2G Zip and Tar files on the ACAA web site.
+Mod_2_2J Zip and Tar files on the ACAA web site.
 Individual new and modified tests can be retrieved from the ACATS VCS. Simply
 navigate to the appropriate directory (folder), and select the test you want.
@@ -534,8 +554,10 @@
 (Refer to the main list for details)
 C95040D	2000-04-01
+CXB3015	2000-07-01
 CXG2015	2000-04-01
 CXG2016	2000-04-01
+LXD7001	2000-07-01
 Modified Tests

Questions? Ask the ACAA Technical Agent