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Modified 1999/03/11 23:47:27 by Randy with line changes +12 -4
CVS Tags: HEAD, A4_1H, A4_1G, A4_1F, A4_1E, A4_1D, A4_1C, A4_1B, A4_1A, A4_0M, A4_0L, A4_0K, A4_0J, A4_0H, A4_0G, A4_0F, A4_0E, A4_0D, A4_0C, A4_0B, A4_0A, A4_0, A3_1A, A3_1, A3_0Q, A3_0P, A3_0N, A3_0M, A3_0L, A3_0K, A3_0J, A3_0H, A3_0G, A3_0F, A3_0E, A3_0D, A3_0C, A3_0B, A3_0A, A3_0, A3devE, A3_devD, A3devC, A3devB, A3devA, A2_6A, A2_5P, A2_5N, A2_5M, A2_5L, A2_5K, A2_5J, A2_5H, A2_5G, A2_5F, A2_5E, A2_5D, A2_5C, A2_5B, A2_5A, A2_5, A2_4G, A2_4F, A2_4E, A2_4D, A2_4C, A2_4B, A2_4A, A2_4, A2_3J, A2_3H, A2_3G, A2_3F, A2_3E, A2_3D, A2_3C, A2_3B, A2_3A, ACATS_2_3, A2_2J, A2_2H, A2_2G, A2_2F, A2_2E, A2_2D, A2_2C, A2_2B, A2_2A
Differences from 1.4
Merged modifications with ACATS 2.2.

Modified 1999/03/10 22:19:15 by Randy with line changes +4 -12
CVS Tags: A2_2
Differences from 1.3
Updated with ACATS 2.2 modifications.

Modified 1999/02/15 21:13:44 by Randy with line changes +12 -4
CVS Tags: A2_1G
Differences from 1.2
Updated to reduce precision problems in Subtraction_Error_Test.

Modified 1998/09/28 20:26:56 by Randy with line changes +22 -13
CVS Tags: A2_1F, A2_1E, A2_1D, A2_1C, A2_1B, A2_1A
Differences from 1.1
Made AVO permitted changes (by using 2.2 tests).

Modified 1998/09/26 01:07:46 by Randy
Initial revision
Modified 1998/09/26 01:07:46 by Randy with line changes +0 -0
CVS Tags: A2_1, acats2_1
Differences from 1.1
ACATS 2.1 baseline
Modified 1998/11/23 22:34:01 by Administrator with line changes +39 -48
Differences from 1.2
Version used in ACT conformity assessments.
Used because unintended changes were made to the baseline test when the ACAA took over.

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