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Modified 2018/02/08 07:50:36 by randy with line changes +33 -26
CVS Tags: HEAD, A4_1K, A4_1J, A4_1H, A4_1G
Differences from 1.4
Improved error handling: added error location indicators, use of Possible Error for some tests; also fixed overlong lines and removed tabs.

Modified 2007/10/23 05:52:54 by Randy with line changes +4 -4
CVS Tags: A4_1F, A4_1E, A4_1D, A4_1C, A4_1B, A4_1A, A4_0M, A4_0L, A4_0K, A4_0J, A4_0H, A4_0G, A4_0F, A4_0E, A4_0D, A4_0C, A4_0B, A4_0A, A4_0, A3_1A, A3_1, A3_0Q, A3_0P, A3_0N, A3_0M, A3_0L, A3_0K, A3_0J, A3_0H, A3_0G, A3_0F, A3_0E, A3_0D, A3_0C, A3_0B, A3_0A, A3_0, A3devE
Differences from 1.3
Updated terminology, added test cases for controlling access results.

Modified 2007/08/19 05:41:15 by Randy with line changes +3 -2
CVS Tags: A3_devD, A3devC
Differences from 1.2
Various test corrections, from GNAT testing, user comments, and re-analysis.

Modified 2007/03/22 03:26:39 by Randy with line changes +24 -20
CVS Tags: A3devB, A3devA
Differences from 1.1
Updated test objective and ensured errors remain errors.

Modified 2001/03/22 22:30:02 by Randy
CVS Tags: A2_6A, A2_5P, A2_5N, A2_5M, A2_5L, A2_5K, A2_5J, A2_5H, A2_5G, A2_5F, A2_5E, A2_5D, A2_5C, A2_5B, A2_5A, A2_5, A2_4G, A2_4F, A2_4E, A2_4D, A2_4C, A2_4B, A2_4A, A2_4
Added/modified/deleted files for ACATS 2.4 baseline.

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