Ada Reference Manual

This is the home of the Ada Reference Manual (ARM), the Ada Programming Language Standard. This site contains the ARM in multiple formats, the master version control system for the original source files (including the source for the tools) for the ARM, and other helpful documents.

Ada Reference Manual

The Ada Reference Manual is available here in various formats. The version of the Ada Reference Manual available here is the third edition, usually known as Ada 2012. Although the copyright permissions are generous, there are some restrictions.

For printing the reference manual, we recommend the PDF version; for on-line reference to the reference manual, we recommend the HTML version.

[Note: Some ancient browser versions on some machines fail to display all parts of these documents (especially the paragraph numbers); we believe that upgrading the browser to the latest version (or changing to a modern browser) will solve the problem.]

Ada Reference Manual Source Files

Ada Reference Manual Formatting Tool

Annotated Ada Reference Manual

The revised Annotated Ada Reference Manual is available here in various formats. The Annotated Ada Reference Manual includes the full text of the standard, as well as various annotations on the language design and implementations. It is primarily intended for language laywers (the ARG), Ada implementors, and historians; it contains little of general interest to normal Ada programmers.

This version includes all of the corrections from Technical Corrigendum 1, and additional annotations about those corrections.

Previous Ada Reference Manual versions

Click here to access older versions of the Ada Reference manual (including Ada 83, Ada 95, and Ada 2005).

Draft Future Ada Reference Manual

Click here to access drafts of the Ada 202x Reference Manual and the matching Annotated Ada 202x Reference Manual.