ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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Annex D
Test Applicability Criteria

Certain tests in the suite may be considered inapplicable to an implementation depending on the way the implementation treats the implementation-dependent features of the language. A brief summary of these implementation-dependent features and the tests they affect are listed in this appendix.
Note that the applicability of each one of these tests is based on the criteria listed in the test file. During conformity assessment, all the implementation-dependent tests are submitted for compilation and (if compiled successfully) are executed, with the following exceptions:
Tests which require a floating point digits value that exceeds System.Max_Digits need not be submitted to the compiler. (The testing laboratory may require pre-validation evidence that the tests are properly rejected.)
If file I/O is not supported, then the tests listed in Section D.2.15 will not be part of the customized test suite for bare target validations and will not be run during witness testing. 

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