ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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6.4 Manual Grading Request Files

The ACATS Grading Tool takes a file containing a list of tests that may require manual grading.
The file is just a list of ACATS test names (7 characters each), one per line. Ada comments (anywhere on a line) and blank lines are also allowed.
If the Grading Tool encounters a failure for one of the tests in the manual grading file for that grading run, it will report that the test needs manual grading rather than that it failed. The manual grading list has no effect on tests that are graded as Passed or Not Applicable.
An ACATS user can add tests to this file as needed. Some of the reasons that one might want to do this are discussed in 6.1.1.
The ACAA would like to know which tests require manual grading for your implementation. Please send manual grading files annotated with comments as to why they require manual grading to the ACAA Technical Agent, The ACAA will use this information to determine which, if any tests, require repair to better provide error range information (potentially including alternative error locations.)
For formal testing, the ACAL should be aware of all tests included in any manual grading file used.

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