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6.1.5 Test Summary Tool Reference

The command line for the Test Summary Tool is:
  Summary <ACATS_Test_File_Name> <Summary_of_Tests_File_Name>

The name of an ACATS test source file. This can use any file name acceptable to the implementation that compiled the tool (in particular, full paths may be used on most implementations). The Summary tool assumes that the simple file name of the test follows the naming conventions as described in 4.3; either the modern or legacy naming conventions are acceptable.
The summary tool can be used on split tests and other Ada code not directly part of the ACATS, so long as the ACATS naming conventions are followed (see above), and the files contain no optional units (as the tool has no way to discover optional units). This allows the Grading Tool to be used on tests being developed for submission to the ACATS (see Annex E). We also expect that the tool could be used on older ACATS versions, allowing the Grading Tool to be used with those versions.

The name of the Test Summary File. If this file exists, the new test summary records will be appended to it. Otherwise, the file will be created.
The test summary tool needs to be run on each individual source file. Typically, it makes sense to combine all of the tests of a single ACATS directory into a single test summary file. This can easily be accomplished on Microsoft Windows with a batch file containing the following:
   Rem Chapter 5 C-Tests
   Del C5-Sum.csv
   for %%i in (\My_ACATS\C5\*.A??) do Summary %%i C5-Sum.csv
   for %%i in (\My_ACATS\C5\*.D??) do Summary %%i C5-Sum.csv
We first delete any existing summary file (so we don't accidentally double the contents), then run the summary tool on all of the ACATS source code found in the directory \My_ACATS\C5. (The second loop is needed in case there are any legacy .DEP files; all of the other extensions start with 'A'.)
A similar technique can be used on other host operating systems.

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