ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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6.1.3 Compiling the Grading Tool and the Test Summary Tool

The Grading Tool and the Test Summary Tool are provided in six Ada source files. Some of the files are shared by both tools, so we present them as a single group. The six files are:

The main subprogram for the grading tool; contains option processing and test grading.

A package to store grading data; contains the code to read and display all of the file information (events, test summaries, and manual grading requests).

A package containing the special handling for the test summary program. This package contains the data needed to handle optional units and tests with severe syntax errors that cannot be processed by normal means.

The main subprogram for the test summary tool; contains lexical and syntactic analysis for ACATS test files.

A package containing the data types that define an event trace.

A package containing the data types that define a test summary; it also contains a routine to write an individual test summary record. 
The source of the grading tools is written in Ada, and only uses Ada 95 features other than the following: 
Raise statements with messages;
Uses of the first could be replaced by calls to Ada.Exceptions.Raise_Exception; and the latter could be replaced by similar routines. We did not do this for readability and to avoid re-inventing the wheel.
The source code should be compilable by any Ada 95 or later compiler that supports the above three features; it certainly should be compilable by any Ada 2012 compiler.
As each Ada implementation uses different commands for compiling, we can only give the general direction that the six source files need to be compiled and then bound into two execuable programs: Grade (the Grading Tool) and Summary (the Test Summary Tool). Elsewhere in this documentation we assume that this has been done.

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