ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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6.1 Using the Grading Tool

The ACATS Grading Tool, "Grade" takes three files as input and produces a grading report, with details for each test followed by a summary and an overall Passed or Failed result.
The three files are:
Event Trace File

Includes each interesting event that occurs during the processing of an ACATS test. Each ACATS User (or their implementor) needs to provide a method of producing an event trace file for their implementation in order to use the Grading Tools. See clause 6.2 for more information.
Test Summary File

A machine-readable distillation of one or more ACATS tests. These are created by a tool included with the ACATS. See clause 6.3 for more information.
Manual Grading File

A list of tests that may require manual grading. This file can be created with any plain text editor, and may be empty. See clause 6.4 for more information. 
An example using the grading tool is given in subclause 6.1.2, “Annotated Grading Tool Example”.

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