ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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Section 6: ACATS Grading using the Grading Tool

ACATS 4.1 introduces an optional tool to (mostly) automate grading of ACATS tests.
When the ACATS was designed (as the ACVC in the early 1980s), the intention always was that running it would give a simple and clear Pass or Fail result. However, grading of tests (particularly of B and L Tests) is somewhat subjective and very time-consuming. (Test grading by formal testers typically involves poring over compiler listings of the entire ACATS with a large highlighter.)
The grading tool greatly reduces this effort and enforces both the processing rules (as outlined in 5.4.2) and expected results for a test (see 5.6).
Use of the grading tool is optional for ACATS 4.1. Manual test grading is acceptable for formal conformity assessments; whether to use the grading tool will be left to implementers and their ACAL. The ACAA will use experience with the tool to inform whether using the tool should be required for future ACATS versions.

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