ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.6.4 Inapplicable Tests

Each ACATS test has a test objective that is described in the test prologue. Some objectives address Ada language features that need not be supported by every Ada implementation (e.g., "check floating-point operations for digits 18"). These test programs generally also contain an explicit indication of their applicability and the expected behavior of an implementation for which they do not apply. Annex D, “Test Applicability Criteria” lists common reasons for a test to be inapplicable, and lists the tests affected.
A test may be inapplicable for an implementation given: 
appropriate ACATS grading criteria; or
an ACAA ruling on a petition to accept a deviation from expected results. 
Appropriate grading criteria include: 
whether a test completes execution and reports "NOT APPLICABLE";
whether a test is rejected at compile or bind time for a reason that satisfies grading criteria stated in the test program. 
All applicable test programs must be processed and passed.

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