ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.5.6 Focus on Specific Areas

The ACATS test suite is structured to allow compiler developers and testers to use parts of the suite to focus on specific compiler feature areas.
Both the legacy tests and the modern tests tend to focus on specific language features in individual tests. The name of the test is generally a good indicator of the primary feature content of the test, as explained in the discussion of naming conventions. Beware that legacy test names have not changed, but the Ada Reference Manual organization has changed from [Ada83] to [Ada95], so some legacy test names point to the wrong clause of the Ada Standard. Further, note that the general style and approach of the modern tests creates user-oriented test situations by including a variety of features and interactions. Only the primary test focus can be indicated in the test name.
ACATS 4.1 tests are divided into core tests and Specialized Needs Annex tests. Recall that annexes A and B are part of the core language. All annex tests (including those for annexes A and B) have an 'X' as the second character of their name; Specialized Needs Annex tests have a letter between 'C' and 'H' (inclusive) corresponding to the annex designation, as the third character of the test name.

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