ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.5.4 Processing that may be Omitted

A user may streamline processing of the ACATS tests to the greatest degree possible consistent with complete processing of all tests.
Many modern tests rely on foundation code. A foundation need not be compiled anew each time a different test uses it. In a processing model based on a program library, it is reasonable to compile the code into the library only once and allow the binder to use the processed results for each test that withs the foundation.
A user may determine, with ACAL concurrence, that some tests require support that is impossible for the implementation under test to provide. For example, there are tests that assume the availability of file I/O whereas some (embedded target) implementations do not support file I/O. Those tests need not be processed during witness testing; however, the implementer must demonstrate that they are handled in accordance with the language standard. This demonstration may be performed before witness testing, in which case it need not be repeated.
Annex B tests that require foreign language code (Fortran, C, COBOL) to be compiled and bound with Ada code need not be processed if an implementation does not support a foreign language interface to the respective language.
Tests for the Specialized Needs Annexes of Ada need not be processed except by implementations that wish to have Annex results documented. In that case, only the tests for the annex(es) in question (in addition to all core tests) need be processed. If any tests for a particular Annex are processed, then all tests for that Annex must be processed. If an implementation does not support a feature in a Specialized Needs Annex test, then it must indicate the non-support by rejecting the test at compile time or by raising an appropriate exception at run time. (See Ada 1.1.3(17).)
No withdrawn test need be processed. Tests classified as Pending New in the current ACATS Modification List also do not need to be processed. Pending New tests are new tests included with the ACATS for review purposes, and are not yet required for conformity assessment. (Tests classified as New in the current ACATS Modification List do need to be processed; these are required for conformity assessments.)

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