ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.5.1 Required Tests

An implementation may be tested against the core language only or the core language plus one or more Specialized Needs Annexes. All core tests (except as noted in 5.5.4) must be processed with acceptable results for conformity assessment of the core language. All legacy tests, as well as all modern tests for clauses 2-13 and annexes A and B are core tests. Conformity assessment including one or more Specialized Needs Annexes requires that all tests for the annex(es) in question be correctly processed in addition to all core tests.
Tests that are not applicable to an implementation (e.g., because of size limitations) and tests that report "NOT APPLICABLE" when run by an implementation must nevertheless be processed and demonstrate appropriate results.
Tests that are withdrawn on the current ACATS Modification List as maintained by the ACAA need not be processed.

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