ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.4.1 Command Scripts

All compiler options and switches that are appropriate and necessary to run the ACATS tests must be identified and included in commands that invoke the compiler. The same is true for the binder or any other post-compilation tools. Any implementation dependent processing of partitions, configuration pragmas, and strict mode processing must be part of the scripts for running tests that rely on these features.
A script should compile (only) all class B tests. It should compile and bind all class L tests; if link errors are not explicitly given, the script should attempt to execute the L tests. It should compile all class F files. It should compile, bind, and execute all class A, C, D, and E tests.
Sample commands for processing the ACATS are a required part of a formal Ada Comformity Assessment Test Report. If a test report is available for the implementation being tested, these commands can be used as a guideline for developing command scripts.

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