ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.3.1 Support Files

The following files are necessary to many of the ACATS tests. Implementations that maintain program libraries may wish to compile them into the program library used for conformity assessment:
impdef.aimpdefc.a (if testing Annex C)
fcndecl.adaimpdefd.a (if testing Annex D)
checkfil.adaimpdefe.a (if testing Annex E)
lencheck.adaimpdefg.a (if testing Annex G)
enumchek.adaimpdefh.a (if testing Annex H)
tctouch.adaspprt13s.adt (after macro substitution)
Depending on local requirements and strategy, it may also be convenient to compile all foundation code into the program library as well.

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