ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.2.3 Packages SPPRT13 and FCNDECL

Package SPPRT13 declares six constants of type System.Address that are primarily used by tests of Clause 13 features. It is in the file spprt13s.tst. As distributed, the package uses macro symbols that must be replaced. In most cases, the substitution can be accomplished by the macro substitution described in the preceding section. If appropriate literals, constants, or predefined function calls can be used to initialize these constants, they should be supplied in macro.dfs. Otherwise, the package FCNDECL must be modified.
All implementations should verify that package SPPRT13 can be properly customized using the macro substitution technique. Note that a body for SPPRT13 is illegal, nor is it allowed to add declarations to package SPPRT13.
The specification for package FCNDECL is in the file fcndecl.ada. SPPRT13 depends on FCNDECL (in a context clause that both withs it and uses it). As supplied with the ACATS, FCNDECL is an empty package specification. If appropriate literals, constants, or predefined function calls cannot be used to customize the constants declared in SPPRT13, the implementer must declare appropriate functions in the specification of FCNDECL and provide bodies for them in a package body or with a pragma Import.
Modifications to FCNDECL must receive advance approval from the ACAL (and, if necessary, the ACAA) before use in a conformity assessment.

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