ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.2.2 Macro Defs Customization

There was no change to the macro.dfs file from ACATS 4.0 to ACATS 4.1. A version of macro.dfs that was tailored for ACATS 4.0 should be valid for ACATS 4.1 unless some implementation characteristics have changed. 
Tests in files with the extension .tst contain symbols that represent implementation dependent values. The symbols are identifiers with a initial dollar sign ('$'). Each symbol must be replaced with an appropriate textual value to make the tests compilable. This process is sometime known as macro substitution.
The Macrosub program distributed with the ACATS can automatically perform the required substitutions. This program reads the replacement values for the symbols from the file macro.dfs and edits all the .tst tests in the suite to make the needed changes. It writes the resulting, compilable programs into files with the same name as the original but with the extension .adt. A sample macro.dfs is included with the ACATS; it contains descriptions of all the symbols used in the test suite.
Substitutions using the Macrosub program may be made as follows: 
Edit the file macro.dfs using values appropriate for the implementation. Symbols that use the value of MAX_IN_LEN are calculated automatically and need not be entered.
Create a file called tsttests.dat that includes all of the .tst test file names, and their directory locations if necessary. A version of this file (without directory information) is supplied.
Compile and bind MacroSub.
Run MacroSub. 
The program will replace all symbols in the .tst files with values from macro.dfs. Test files with the original test name but the extension .adt will contain the processable tests. The original .tst files will not be modified.

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