ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.2.1 ImpDef Customization

For ACATS 4.1, there are seven new parameters in Impdef. Other than those parameters, and the removal of two obsolete, unused parameters, there was no change to Impdef or any of its children from ACATS 4.0 to ACATS 4.1. A version of any of these packages that was tailored for ACATS 4.0 should be valid for ACATS 4.1 once the new parameters are defined unless some implementation characteristics have changed. 
ACATS tests use the entities in ImpDef to control test execution. Much of the information in ImpDef relates to the timing of running code; for example, the minimum time required to allow a task switch may be used by a test as a parameter to a delay statement. The time to use is obtained as an ImpDef constant.
impdef.a was added as a new feature to ACATS 2.0 suite. It is related to macro.dfs in that it must be customized with values specific to an implementation and ACATS tests will rely on these values. ImpDef is different in the following respects:
Defaults are provided. Some implementations may be able to rely entirely on the default values and subprograms, so no customization would be necessary.
Some implementations may choose to provide bodies for procedures and/or functions. Bodies so provided must satisfy requirements stated in ImpDef.
Tests depending on Impdef do not need customization (macro substitution). Instead, ImpDef must be available at compile time (i.e., included in the environment) for tests that rely upon it. This simplifies the customization process and management and also is similar to the way that Ada projects typically manage configuration parameters.
There are child packages of ImpDef for each of the Specialized Needs Annexes. An implementation that uses one or more of the Specialized Needs Annexes in its conformity assessment must customize the associated ImpDef child packages (or rely on their defaults) and must set the appropriate Booleans in impdef.a. It is not necessary to customize Impdef children for Specialized Needs Annexes that are not included in a particular conformity assessment.
Specific instructions for the values required by ImpDef and its children are included in impdef.a, impdefc.a, impdefd.a, impdefe.a, impdefg.a, and impdefh.a. (Note that impdefc, for example, refers to Annex C.) An excerpt from ImpDef is included in Annex B, “Parameterization Files”.
All implementations must customize impdef.a unless they wish to rely on the defaults provided. ImpDef must be part of the environment whenever a test that depends on it is processed. Similarly, the child of Impdef corresponding to each Specialized Needs Annex that the implementer intends to test during a conformity assessment must be customized and be part of the environment when the Annex tests are processed.

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