ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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5.2 Tailoring the ACATS Test Suite

There are some files in the delivery that require modification before ACATS 4.1 is ready for processing by an Ada implementation. Package ImpDef (impdef.a) must be edited to include values suitable for proper testing of an implementation if the defaults are not acceptable. The macros.dfs file must similarly be edited to include values suitable for testing. All .tst files (including package Spprt13 (spprt13s.tst)) must have their macro symbols replaced by implementation specific values. A body for FcnDecl (fcndecl.ada) must be provided if necessary. Finally, Package Report (report.a) must be modified if necessary.
The required customization is described in the following sections.
Customizations of these files from previous versions of the ACATS suite generally can be used with ACATS 4.1, but users should ensure that neither their requirements nor the underlying files have changed since the customizations were made.

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