ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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All ACATS files have been included in 1 Unix tar format file and then compressed using the Unix compress utility. To create a set of ACATS files, first copy the compressed files acats_41.tar.Z from the distribution source to a hard drive. Uncompress the file with the Unix command 
uncompress acats_41.tar.Z
(Note that particular Unix implementations may have different formats or require specific qualifiers.) After the ACATS file has been uncompressed, it must be untarred. Move to the directory where you want the acats4_1 directory to be created and then untar the ACATS files 
tar -xvf <path>/acats_41.tar
where <path> is the location of the uncompressed tar file.
Please note that these are generic instructions and may need to be customized or modified for specific systems.

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