ACATS 4.1 User's Guide
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All ACATS files have been compressed (zipped) into compressed archives (zip-files) that have the MS-DOS file extension ".zip". A Windows command-line utility was used to compress them. They must be decompressed before they can be further processed. A decompression utility is available from the source of the ACATS distribution. All ACATS 4.1 files may be decompressed using the following steps. Approximately 48 MB of free space on a Windows machine hard drive will be required to accomplish the decompression using this technique.
Create a directory on the hard disk to contain ACATS. In these examples, we assume the name is acats4_1, but any name can be used. Copy the archive (file with .zip extension) to the hard disk in the new directory. Decompress it insuring that directories are used. For the unzip program, this is the default setting. For the pkunzip program, this is the -d option. For the winzip program, ensure that "Use Directory Names" is checked. Also, ensure that the files are decompressed into the proper directory. For command line decompressors, this means ensuring that the current subdirectory is acats4_1. For winzip, this simply means selecting acats4_1 as the extract path.
For example, using unzip, and assuming that the archive name is, type 
cd acats4_1
to set the proper directory, and 
unzip ACATS41
to extract the files.
The files were compressed on a Windows system, where <CR><LF> is used as a line terminator. Decompressors for other systems using other line terminators should be able convert the line terminators. The ACAA has a short Ada program which converts a file from Windows to Unix format; please send the ACAA mail at to request it if needed.
After all files have been extracted from the archive, delete the archive file from the hard disk if you wish to conserve space.
As it decompresses files, unzip will restore the directory structure of the files, creating all needed subdirectories.
Some users may prefer to work with ACATS files in an alternate directory structure or none at all. If the unzip utility is invoked with the "-j" option, all files in the archive will be decompressed and placed in the local working directory. In other words, none of the above subdirectories will be created. Since there are too many ACATS files to fit into a root DOS directory, if you wish to put all files in a single directory, you must first create a subdirectory (e.g., mkdir \ACATS) and unzip all archives there.

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